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Riz Artemide, mousse de Gorgonzola et fruits

Riz Artemide, mousse de Gorgonzola et fruits

Pates & ris
Recette difficile
300gr de riz Artemide “Tenuta La Mondina”
600gr de bouillon végétale
50gr d’huile d’olive extra vierge
n° 1 échalote
50gr de beurre
sel et poivre
n° 2 pêche
300 gr de vin blanc
150 gr de vinaigre blanc
80 gr de miel
1gousse d’ail
2feuilles de laurier
600gr de crème fraiche à 35%
400gr de Gorgonzola piquant Igor
2feuilles de gelée
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The rice takes very long to cook, about 40 minutes, like rice pilaf. Therefore, plate, vegetable broth, roast and then in the oven. In this way we have the rice with a crispy texture. To prepare the whip, we will blend together 500g of spicy Gorgonzola cheese, 500g of heavy cream, and fill a siphon, two charges and the whip cream is ready. The soused peaches, and for soused we mean “add acidity” will be prepared using a half a liter of white wine, half a liter of vinegar, and herbs. Then we slice the peaches, and marinate, let it rest all night and the third element is ready. Let's serve. The color of the rice is beautiful so we're going to spread it out evenly, and complete the dish with the whip which gives a contrast of color. We now have our spiciness and crispiness from the rice that tends to be sweet thanks to the starch. To top it off, of course acidity with the soused fruit.